Who are you?  Amy Ruch, Louisa Mahoney, & Liz Jaquez

What do you do?  Betty Plum was a small town cook known for her holiday candy. Her daughter and granddaughters are now working together to produce her handmade candy recipes. We specialize in small batch, hand-stirred caramels and toffee.

Why did you join RFK?  Because we were just starting our business, we needed an affordable, convenient commercial kitchen space with flexible hours.  We liked the space itself, and we also liked the philosophy of collaboration that was evident from the very beginning.  

What does RFK provide you with that other places could not?  It’s the most conveniently located, but most importantly, we have had opportunities to market our products and to learn from the experiences of other tenants.  

Describe the sense of community at RFK:  So far, we’ve only been in the kitchen a few days each month, but everyone we have met has been friendly, cooperative, and helpful.  

If you’ve attended any RFK events, what made them special or different?  We really enjoyed meeting the other tenants at the Open House in the fall (and tasting their specialties) and it was exciting to see how many community members came.   It was obvious from the that there is community support for small, local businesses.

The Thanksgiving Market was also an excellent experience – well attended and a wonderful variety of local products.

What do you hope for your business now that you’re part of RFK?  We hope to extend our sales season beyond the holiday season, including markets and special events.  

What do you do best?  We make really tasty candy! We also are happy to work with customers to provide personalized packaging upon request.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?  We’d like to continue to expand and diversify our sales – possibly adding a few of Betty’s other specialties.  If a small, affordable retail establishment became available, we would have lots of ideas of how to use it!

Name a fellow RFK tenant(s) that you admire:  The Happy Apple Pie Shop team’s organization and production capabilities were very impressive during the holiday rush. We are also extremely grateful to the Rare Bird Preserves team for fielding our questions and providing feedback during our launch!